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Modding server settings
Anthony_bDate: Tuesday, 2012/Feb/28, 5:38 AM | Message # 1
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I wouldnt expect the admins to use these on this server, these are just for people who want something to mess with in thier own personal server. These do not require mod tools or cheat engine. They are simply extra command that you can to the server settings. Bring up a server(not running) and click player tab then right click and select 'edit player menu' after warnings// space 1 line and you can type here or copy n paste extra commands. Space 1 line in between each command. The numbers can be anything you want, you dont have to use the numbers i put in. These commands also allow to be chnaged while server is running, no need to restart. after you have typed the ones you want/need close the file and save settings. then start the server. after it has loaded, right-click on player tab again, and you will see your new options. atleast 1 map change is need to put any command into effect.

Region mod: change region while running server (jap, usa, eu)

// Set region for server list display
Region>North America"/netregion NA"|cmd
Region>Europe"/netregion EUR"|cmd
region>Japan"/netregion JAP"|cmd

CTF score 15+ flags:

CTF score limit>20"/ctfscorelimit 20"|cmd
CTF score limit>30"/ctfscorelimit 30"|cmd

Conquest reinforcements: 750+ 997 max

Con reinforcements>600"/conreinforcements 600"|cmd
Con reinforcements>669"/conreinforcements 669"|cmd 669 = 997 in-game reinforcements,
any higher will screw it up.

Assault score limit: these can go as low as 1 to several thousands.

ASS score>450 score"/assscorelimit 450"|cmd
ASS score>2500 score"/assscorelimit 2500"|cmd

Hunt score: same limitations as assault score

Hunt score>450 score"/huntscorelimit 450"|cmd

Spawn invulnerability: if on infinate, you are invincible until you activate weapons

Spawn Invulnerability>None"/spawn 0"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>3 seconds"/spawn 3"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>5 seconds"/spawn 5"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>10 seconds"/spawn 10"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>15 seconds"/spawn 15"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>20 seconds"/spawn 20"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>25 seconds"/spawn 25"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>30 seconds"/spawn 30"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>100 seconds"/spawn 100"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>250 seconds"/spawn 250"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>1000 seconds"/spawn 1000"|cmd
Spawn Invulnerability>Infinite"/spawn 99999"|cmd

I hope these bring joy to who ever has interest in them, the hunt assault score commands are effective for those who don't know how to instal server version 1.10

Message edited by Anthony_b - Tuesday, 2012/Feb/28, 5:41 AM
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