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LSJ's Challenge: A Call to Arms
WriterDate: Friday, 2011/Apr/08, 1:12 AM | Message # 1
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LSJ's resident leader, Kratos, issued out this message earlier today.

"{LSJ} is hereby challenging all clans to fight us. In fact any group of players can challenge us. You don't even have to be all from the same clan. We just want to do some matches is all. If you wish to accept this challenge, then post a separate, individual topic regarding it. I don't care who you are, who you've been, or anything like that. The only qualifications are that you need to have SWBF2 for the PS2 and be willing to fight a match with somewhat reasonable rules.

This game has grown stale, and it needs a spark to help reignite the burning fires of competition between clans. A fire that has been virtually non-existent since the end of the LSJ vs FOG rivalry. Since then it has just been a compilation of 1on1s. To put simply, let's just do some matches for christ sake. If you lose, you can rape us in a rematch. We won't be stupid and say "You aren't worth our time since we've already proven ourselves once." If you win, then we're going to be gunning for a rematch against the people that beat us. It's the fundamentals of healthy competition. So start challenging! Not just us, but every clan. There's nothing to lose at this point of the game. Let's just enjoy what's left of the game for what it's worth and instead of dwelling on the past... let's look towards the future."

Obviously, LSJ is looking for some good fun and real competition, which as he stated, has been almost entirely absent from Battlefront for quite some time. However, is the LSJ clan's request even a viable option at this point in time? Who is truly left that's even capable of putting up a good fight? Better yet, who is willing? The game isn't just stale, it's also tired and worn and consequently so too are those left playing.

However, vVv's very own father, Sinister, was quoted today saying this...

"If LSJ is openly offering to fight any clan or more importantly, group of players, those still left should take advantage of this opportunity and give it a shot. If I were still playing, this wouldn't personally interest me, however I'm sure there are some new guys out for blood and this is the way to get it. If you want to improve, this is how you do it. If you want to test yourselves, this is how you do it. If you just want some fun and competition, give it a go. Why not? What do you got to lose? It's 2011 people.

Battlefront could use more people with Kratos' mindset and less with mine."

Forum » Public » The Animus » LSJ's Challenge: A Call to Arms
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