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18: Aftermath
WriterDate: Friday, 2011/Jan/14, 3:52 AM | Message # 1
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Post Battle

In the wake of the battle that had been waged, vVv stood victorious... with LSJ apprehended.

Jiraiya and his comrades sat with their knees planted in the sand, hands tied behind their backs and weaponless. The shame from defeat still lingered in his mind, apparent as he hung his head in repression. Sinister held their sabers and turned to Devil. "Here, hold on to these." he said as he handed them over. "Shall I lead us back?" Fearless asked. "My thoughts exactly." Sinister responded. "Devil and I will stick in the back and keep an eye on our prisoners." he continued. "Although I doubt we'll have any troubles..." he said looking towards the LSJ members as if to seek compliance.

Aboard the Veritas, Cockpit

Sinister and Devil sat side by side in the small, yet surprisingly roomy space known as the cockpit. They had just exited the outer atmosphere of Tatooine and were preparing to enter hyperspace. Sinister sat in a relaxed position, with his hands locked behind his head, eyes shut and feet propped up. Devil Wing, unsure of their heading, began to speak. "Where-" "Coruscant." Sinister spoke before his apprentice could finish asking.

"Coruscant!? What the hell for?" questioned Devil Wing. "Isn't the Tower of Latria on Morameir?" he asked. "No." Sinister replied. "The real Latria is on Coruscant, hidden in plain sight. Morameir's Latria is non-existent, nothing more than a lie to keep the general public content." elaborated Sinister. "Are you sure?" Devil asked. "I'm fairly certain considering I've escaped there twice before." he replied with a smirk. "Right." Devil affirmed.

Devil Wing punched in the bearing coordinates and they were on their way.

Aboard the Veritas, Cell Block

Space was cold. The cell chambers were colder.

Each of the LSJ members sat in a singular cell, separate of one another, although still able to communicate. Nothing had been said since they had been taken captive back on Tatooine. The humiliation had seemed to take its toll on the four fighters. Suddenly, Passion interrupted the silence. "Where are they taking us?" he asked. "Your guess is as good as mine." Biostorm replied. "I hope it's somewhere cool." Berserk chimed in. Biostorm let out a light chuckle while Passion rolled his eyes. "What do you think Jiraiya?" Passion asked his leader.

There was no response.

Jiraiya sat in silence in his cell chamber. His hands pressed together against his chin, staring directly in front of him at the blank wall. His mind was absent from their current situation and instead was looking forward, attempting to find a deeper understanding to their predicament. "What are you planning Sinister?" he thought to himself.

Just then a shutter could be heard. The entryway had opened. It was Fearless.

"What are you doing here?" Passion questioned him. "Even though escape is virtually impossible, Sinister thought you guys could use some company." he replied with subtle sarcasm. "Of course..." Jiraiya thought. "Well, can you at least tell us where you're taking us?" Passion persisted. "No. I'm sorry, I can't." Fearless replied as he took a seat on a small bench "In fact, I'm not even sure myself where we're headed." he continued. Passion released a sigh of discomfort.

"Aww shit." Berserk blurted out.
Forum » Public » Tales Untold » 18: Aftermath
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